Ansumardi Farmstead Complex is located on Saaremaa, 15 kilometers away from Orissaare, in the village of Kavandi. This a quiet place with beautiful nature, where birds сhipper in the spring time, in the summer evening sun warms the farm yard for long from behind the forest edge, and in fall crane flocks begin their long way to South from adjacent fields.

Come and have a rest in the pure nature of Saaremaa.

Over 130 years old Ansumardi Farmstead offers accommodation in the restored granary building, which was primary erected in the late 19th century. In elder times the granary was meant for storage of grain and clothes, where young girls from the farmstead hit the hay so that boys could quietly come to them at sunset.
We have redesigned these granary chambers into summer guest rooms. In the center of the building there is a present day WC and a shower room. The farmstead is an excellent place where you can relax and forget about rapid urban life and heavy air full of exhaust fumes.

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